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Sochware, native engineers working for Indigenous problems. We create hardware solutions, for locally existing glitches, and help develop Technical Nepal. SochWare is a clay-pot by techies for innovation of explored solution to support the traditional market with the arms of hardware. Initially we're supporting the agriculture with the help of Internet of things (iOT)

What if I could do better with the technology? Let's agriculture in a smart way. Let's do it like a boss. Let SochWare work for you.

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Uniques Designs

SochWare purely designs as per your needs. We fulfill what we need than what we offer, isn't that cool?

Made from Scratch

SochWare purely designs the products from bottom of scratch within your deadline.

Cagatering Education

We aim to contribute in educational development of nation through technology. Togther we can !

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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